Timetable to be defined | Pania della Croce

At the Court of the Queen of the Apuan Alps

Excursion to the Pania della Croce

Orario & Sede

Timetable to be defined
Pania della Croce, Pania della Croce, 55040 Stazzema LU, Italia


A mountain of people faced his profiles ...

Those who let themselves be seduced and made them the subject of poems and legends.

Who knew her in the labors of work.

Who, along his sides, has sought Freedom.

The stories of the Poets, the Snowmen, the Partisans ...

Come and meet them at the Queen's Court!

Ring excursion with departure and return from the votive chapel at the mouth of the Piglionico (1127 m asl); along beech forests and roadways, we will reach its summit (1858 m asl) from which to admire a breathtaking landscape ...



transfers with own means

Difference in altitude: approx. + 800 m

Distance: about 10 km

Difficulty: It is suitable for moderately trained hikers

Duration: 6 h

How to dress and what to bring:

trekking shoes, rain jacket, hat, 2L water, sunglasses, sunscreen, useful sticks, camera

change to leave in the car


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