Thu, 07 Nov


Use of Sotto excursion refuge

Gli Ungulati dell'Appennino Settentrionale

Course for Environmental Guides and enthusiasts. Recognition of 3 credits for AIGAE Guides

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Gli Ungulati dell'Appennino Settentrionale

Orario & Sede

07 Nov 2019, 09:00 – 18:00

Use of Sotto excursion refuge, 51017 Pescia PT, Italy



9 am start of the theoretical lesson

1 pm break

possibility to have lunch at the refuge at a cost of € 15

0re 14-18 continuation of the theoretical part and field trip for track recognition


Aigae members € 20

Not Aigae members 25 €

Course code 001476-19

Credits recognized: 3

Reservations required by November 3rd

Danilo Giusti

Tel. 3206015541


Outline program:

1 general part on ungulates Systematics, morphology, eco-ethology, distribution and status of the species in Italy, alien ungulate species Ecosystem, habitat, food chains, population structure and dynamics, limiting factors, annual useful increase, carrying capacity of the environment, biotic and agroforestry density

2 specific part on Deer, Mouflon, Roe Deer, Wild Boar, Fallow Deer Recognition in nature of the sex and age classes, signs of presence, nutrition. Social behavior, annual life cycle, reproductive biology and population dynamics, determination of the structure and consistency of populations Regional and national legislation

3 exit to the environment around the refuge to observe signs of presence

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