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The Black Leap for Vico's Coccia

The Dolomites of the Val di Lima

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The Black Leap for Vico's Coccia

Orario & Sede

02 Jun 2020, 09:00 – 16:00

Balzonero, Balzonero, 55022 Bagni di Lucca LU, Italia


'' The Lima, the most important tributary of the Serchio, in the stretch between Popiglio and Bagni di Lucca flows in the midst of limestone mountain groups that stand out from the surrounding landscape for their geological features, bold shapes and rocky appearance. The environment of these mountains is harsh, once man-made as much as possible, but now abandoned and once again solitary; those looking for wilderness here will find it in abundance ... The bold appellation of dolomites aims to identify with a single word a group of neighboring and homogeneous mountains that really resemble the illustrious model '' premise of The Dolomites of the Val di Lima E. Maestripieri

We could not fail to pay homage to this fantastic valley by organizing 3 excursions to perhaps the most representative peaks of the area, where the sometimes rare and endemic flora, the present fauna and the particular geology make it a Unicum of the whole Tuscan mountain panorama.

Departure from the village of Vico Pancellorum, a Lombard village at 650 m asl, for a day of Pure Emotion and Mystery !!! We immediately dive into this geological island. We walk along a beautiful and profitable mule track on the Coccia di Vico, the ditch that divides us from the Monte di Limano, until we enter its narrow walls; going up the course we arrive at I Piani (1150 m) and from there along the enchanted path we reach the summit of Balzo Nero 1313 m, The spectacle of Nature below and in front of our eyes !!! Return to Vico and visit the Romanesque parish church of San Paolo.


Meeting point: 9 am Bagni di Lucca, transfer by own means to the town of Vico Pancellorum

Difference in altitude: about + 750 m

Distance: about 12 km

Difficulty: E Duration: 5 hours excluding stops

Equipment: trekking shoes, rain jacket, hat, 1L water, sunglasses, useful sticks, packed lunch recommended, camera and binoculars, change to leave in the car

Cost of the excursion € 15 per person

The fee includes RCT insurance coverage for participants and accompaniment with an Environmental Hiking Guide authorized under the Tuscany Region law 86/2016 and operating according to law 4/2013.

The excursion may undergo changes due to weather conditions or other conditions that do not guarantee the safety of the route at the sole discretion of the Guide.

Reservation required

Info and reservations Danilo Giusti Mobile phone 320 6015541 also whatsapp Mail: agirotrek@gmail.com

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