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The Open Book and the Rhododendrons in Bloom

Breathtaking Ridge and Flowered Balcony!

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The Open Book and the Rhododendrons in Bloom

Orario & Sede

28 Jun 2020, 10:00 – 16:00

Abetone, 51021 Abetone PT, Italia


That mountain that takes the name of Open Book hides a secret ... or rather two !!!

There are two peaks that compose it, Monte Belvedere and Monte Rotondo which with its 1937 m is the maximum altitude of our itinerary,

But the most wonderful secret is that on the north side of the group we find a station of Rhododendrons… alpine plants that here have a unique importance as a glacial relict, left over from the last ice age.

Breathtaking ridge and flowered balcony! What more could you want!

Logistic and technical info

Meeting : 10 am Pyramids 51021 Abetone PT

Difference in altitude : about + 700 m

Distance: about 12 km

Difficulty : It is suitable for all hikers

Excursion duration : 6 hours excluding stops

How to dress: trekking shoes, clothing suitable for the season

Recommended: rain jacket, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, 1,5l drink, energy snacks camera highly recommended

Reservation required Participation fee: € 15 per person € 8 children 12-17 years The fee includes rct insurance and accompaniment with an Environmental Hiking Guide authorized under the Tuscany Region law 86/2016 and under the law 4/2013.

The excursion may undergo changes in the program due to weather conditions at the sole discretion of the guides.

Info and reservations Danilo Giusti GAE mobile 3206015541 also whatsapp mail:

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