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San Quirico

Valleriana, the hidden Tuscany!

The valley that closes the Valdinievole to the north is a treasure chest of beauty you don't expect!

Valleriana, the hidden Tuscany!

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San Quirico, 51017 San Quirico PT, Italia


Excursion to discover the beauty of Valleriana! Also known by the nickname of Pesciatina Switzerland, attributed to it by the Enlightenment and Geneva exile Jean Charles de Sismondi, this mountainous portion of Tuscany adorns the north of the town of Pescia like a crown, enclosing historical, naturalistic and architectural particularities that amaze the tourist and the most savvy hiker. Starting from the Castella di San Quirico we will pass through chestnut woods and cerrete which will lead us to the enchanting pastures of Le Pracchie; we will walk along ancient pavements, drink to perennial sources, we will be lulled by enchanting panoramas.


Technical info:

Meeting point: 9:00 am San Quirico di Valleriana moving with own means

Distance: about 15 km

Difference in altitude: approx. + 500 m

Difficulty: It is suitable for moderately trained hikers

Walking time: 4 hours excluding stops

What to bring and how to dress: hiking boots or trail shoes, hot drink at least 1L, batteries, gloves, hat, windproof jacket, sunglasses Recommended: poles, camera

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